Will my skin break out after my facial?

breakouts-spotsPhoto courtsey of Grazia Daily

The honest answer is MAYBE!

You may want to blame the annoying post-facial breakout on choosing the wrong type of facial or home care products.  But the truth is there could be a scientific reason for the breakout.

If your new to receiving facials or haven’t had one in quiet some time then there is a chance that you have months or even years of dead skin cells sebum and debris trapped inside your pores.  While facials are great for cleaning out the pores and balancing the barrier of your skin, you have to remember that its also detoxing the skin.

Imagine your facial as a workout for your skin.   When you first start working out, your muscles are sore and your more fatiqued.  But as you continue working out, you build strength and endurance, right? Glowing, healthy skin needs the same dedication and hard work on a consistent  basis to acheive results.

Having the proper home regime and maintance facials is a must!

If your unsure where to start, I am here to help.  Book a facial and lets figure it out together.  http://www.allure-skincare-studio.com

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