Why your skin needs you to SLEEP.


“Beauty Sleep” isn’t just used as a marketing term!!

Having a regular sleeping pattern is the best way to make a noticeable difference to your skin.  When you fall into a REM Sleep (3rd and 4th stages of sleep) your skin goes into repair mode and produces cells and hormones that help boost collagen production.

Sleep increases the sleep hormone melatonin.  Getting a restorative nights sleep can help accelerate the growth of fibroblasts cells, which in turn produce new collagen and elastin. Melatonin also protects skin by acting as a powerful antioxidant to fight off free radical such as damaging UV rays and pollutants.

Also while your sleeping, the production of the stress hormone cortisol is reduced. Cortisol can cause many skin issues, from thinning skin, discoloration, dryness, acne as well as redness. We all know that when we are stressed out to the max  it really affects appearance of our skin.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Mandelic Acid


Mandelic Acid is a large molecular weight alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) with antibacterial properties and is derived from bitter almonds.

Mandelic acid  works by accelerating cellular turnover, the ridding of dead skin cells, and increasing collagen production  Removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin will aid in strengthening of the collagen within our skin and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Who doesn’t want healthier, firmer and more glowing skin?

 Skin Script RX Blackberry Enzyme Contains 5% mandelic acid as well as hibiscus flower (a gentle alternative to AHAs), fig and pineapple enzymes.

Perfect for normal and combination skin.

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Ingredient Spot Light LEMON ZEST



Exfoliate and brighten the skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of Lemon. Lemons are easily available and this citric fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Phosphorus and Carbohydrates. Lemon juice is naturally rich with fruit acids and natural sugars. Lemon juice contains several beneficial nutrients, which helps to improve the health of the skin. The natural acids of lemon gently remove dead skin cells and lighten age spots and clears facial discolorations.

Our Lemon Zest enzyme contains 8% arbutin, 6% lactic acid, 3% glycolic acid, and 2% kojic. Perfect for normal and dry skin. It promotes deep hydration that protects from environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging. Arbutin and kojic provide extreme lightening capabilities.

This amazing enzyme is featured in our

Strawberry Lemonade Facial

The citrusy, tart lemon enzyme is the lemonade aspect of your facial. Lemon is a great brightener for the skin. The Strawberry Spearmint Mask will create the strawberry aspect of your facial; it contains kaolin clay to help absorb excess oil for pore refinement. It will be a great anti-aging, brightening facial. Lemon and mint are detoxifying. Antioxidants feed our cell membranes so they are permeable and allow nutrition to flow in and cellular waste to flow out.


Lemon Creme Facial

Put your “fresh” face forward with this citrusy sweet facial! Indulge your complexion with the brightening effects of lemon and the nourishing properties of goji berries and yogurt. Natural lighteners and a boost of antioxidants give this facial the lightening and brightening capabilities to leave your skin refreshed and radiant.


Ingredient Spot Light MARBLE BERRY

marble berry



Marble berry extract is derived from the fruit of a unique plant the supplier discovered in the Tanzanian bush. For the first time in the plant world, the supplier says, the fruit of the marble berry plant has been observed reflecting color using a similar method to that of a peacock’s feather or a butterfly’s wing. As a result, it produces a more intense color than any previously described biological material.

It also contains respectable levels of polyphenols – exhibiting exceptional antioxidant activity at very low use levels.
A photo of the ‘polarized light’ effect, as it reflects off a marble berry, is shown. Our lab says that the light reflected is circularly polarized to the left or the right, which is the characteristic of a chiral structure. Plus – the color of the fruit remains exceptionally brilliant for years after being picked.

After the team obtained samples of the raw material, and shipped it to the U.S. to extract and study, they determined that this unique, one-of-a-kind plant displays the most brilliant coloration in the known world.

Marble Berry Nourishing Mask points of interest:
• Rich in actives that combat and help to prevent free radical damage
• Select ingredients hydrate, moisturize, and oxygenate skin
• Incorporates extremely powerful and intelligent antioxidant properties
• Beneficial actives for helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
• Ingredients designed to inhibit the appearance of aging of the skin

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Grape Vineyard Facial


Summer Berry Facial


Information and Photos courtesy of Skin Script RX