What is Holistic Microderm Abrasion?


I  know, I know!!  There are so many modalities and tools used in the skincare industry and it can be confusing when your choosing which service you may be wanting.  Today I wanted to focus on HOLISTIC MICRODERM ABRASION since it is a featured modality our February Special offers.

DermaDisc™  is a holistic alternative to traditional microderm with suction.   DermaDisc™ uses a crushed diamond tip wand with gentle vibration to polish and exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells.  DermaDisc™ leaves your skin smooth, refresh, rejuvenated. DermaDisc™ is very effective for treating sun damaged skin, scars, acne scarring, pigmentation,  and fine lines.

This awesome modality is featured in our Cherry Blossom, Apple Blossom and Orange Blossom Facial Special.  Click the links to purchase any of these special offers this month.

Remember once they are purchased they can be used at your convenience and will not expire.



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